Wurlitzer 1015

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We Love Repairing Jukeboxes

Jukebox issues can be quite complex. Almost every jukebox client has commented, "The last guy said it couldnt be fixed". That client just put us to the challenge. Of course there is a good possibility that the previous technician saw the tubes in the amplifier and ran off scared. Perhaps he just didn't want to bother with a repair that wasn't "easy money". The Jukebox Works has been servicing jukeboxes for over 30 years. We don't shy away from a problem repair. Let us tackle that "can't be fixed" machine.

We Make House Calls

We don't move jukeboxes and we dont expect our clients to move them either. Some of them weigh over 350 pounds. How can we expect anyone to move a 350 pound jukebox up a flight of stairs and bring it to us! Thats what our competition expects you to do. The Jukebox Works has been making house calls, in the 35 miles surrounding Chicago, since 1977. We will gladly repair your Wurlitzer, Seeburg, Rockola, or Rowe/AMI jukebox right where it sits.

We realize that finding a reputable jukebox technician is becoming increasingly harder. And not everyone lives within our 35 mile travel range. We are now offering a HUGE discount to anyone interested in bringing their jukebox to us. It doesn't matter if you're 3 blocks or 500 miles away. You bring it to us and pick it up upon completion. It's that easy!

Ship It to Us

Jukebox amplifiers and control centers are designed using tubes, transistors, capacitors, resistors, etc. A typical jukebox amplifier begins to have audio problems after 30 to 35 years of service. The same is true of all electronic circuits that use capacitors. The caps begin to degrade causing a myriad of problems. You could be hearing a crackling sound, or muffled or tinny audio output. Maybe one channel will die completely or the audio will fade in and out. Control center problems could include missed selections or no scanning from record to record. We can help you diagnose module failures over the phone and instruct you on the proper procedure for removal and re-installation.

The Jukebox Works operates a nationwide jukebox amplifier repair depot. We specialize in rebuilding tube and solid state amplifiers. Email service@jukebox-repair.com for shipping information and pricing.