Wurlitzer 1015

We Love Repairing Jukeboxes

The Jukebox Works has been receiving requests for service outside our area for years. These requests are increasing as more and more jukebox technicians willing to make home repairs has diminished. We have decided to extend our service area to the 300 miles surrounding Chicago.

The only way we can keep the cost of your repair down is to bundle 4 or 5 service calls in your area during a weekend. What we ask from you is to be flexible regarding the time of day on a Saturday or Sunday that you are available so we can coordinate the logistics of the bundled site visits. We also need to postpone scheduling your service call until we have enough clients in your area to make it cost effective for all.

Let us know if you feel the urgency to expedite service and are willing to assume the burden of extra costs.

Cheers, The Jukebox Works