Wurlitzer 850

A typical Service Call

Okay, you recognize that there's some sort of problem with your jukebox. You looked long and hard for someone to come to your home to make a repair. Some of you get lucky and find us right away. But 90 percent of you have been looking for more than two months.

Our Competition…

There are three types of service organizations that repair jukeboxes.
Commercial game operators are in the business of placing games and jukeboxes in retail establishments and splitting what's inside the cashbox with the location's owner. Considering that each jukebox holds 100 CD's costing $15 each, plus the cost of the jukebox, plus the cost of maintenance and cash collection, it quickly becomes apparent that it's a losing proposition. But in order to get their money-making games located, they're forced into supplying the jukebox. You can see why there's no interest in coming to your home to repair something they view as a bad situation. It's extremely likely that their technicians have never seen a jukebox that's over ten years old. You may find an occasional tech working for a game operator that needs side money providing that it's convenient for them.

Hobbyists are special breeds who truly love their jukebox collections. Keep in mind that jukeboxes require a lot of space. A hobbyist may only have two or three jukeboxes at most and they're probably Wurlitzer's. They won't have the experience to repair your seeburg or Rock-ola. They usually won't leave their den to service your jukebox because there's always something to tweak on theirs.

Resellers are in the business of purchasing used jukeboxes that need repair, recondition and resell them. The important part to remember is that they purchase used jukeboxes that need repair. They will make house calls only if they sold you the jukebox. They will offer to take your broken-down old jukebox in trade for a finely reconditioned beauty from their showroom floor. You can find your old jukebox on that same showroom floor, next month, at one heck of a mark-up. Resellers purchase used jukeboxes that need repair.

How we differ…

We don't have any jukeboxes on location. We don't consider our interest in jukeboxes a hobby. We don't buy or sell jukeboxes, nor do we care where you bought it. We don't have the high overhead of a showroom or a secretary to answer our phone line.

We are in the business of repairing jukeboxes in client homes. It's just that simple.

Well, you found us…

And youre happy you did, because now you know that a qualified company with over thirty years experience is coming to your home to repair that jukebox that may have been built before you were born.

You called us and scheduled an appointment approximately three weeks away. It's likely to be on a weekday evening after 6:00 pm, on a Saturday after 3:00 pm, or on a Sunday anytime after 8:00 am. We'll arrive plus or minus 15 minutes of the scheduled time due to traffic, weather or previous appointments. You introduce us to your jukebox with a brief explanation of the symptoms. Chances are we already know what's wrong from the initial phone conversation.

You can expect us to be in your home for about 60-90 minutes. If your are having audio problems such as distorted or fading sound, you can expect us to be there for about 30 minutes. We'll need to take your amplifier with us for a bench repair / rebuild, and then return it about four weeks later. The return visit will last another 30 minutes.

While most jukebox parts are still available, it's not cost effective for us to stock every part for every jukebox. If a part is required (a rare occurrence), we'll find it and return as soon as we can obtain it. This could take anywhere from three to six weeks. You'll be given the option to acquire and replace the easy items like fluorescent lamps and starters, etc.

Most repairs are not this extreme. A typical service call is one visit, that lasts less than 90 minutes, with no parts required.

Payment isn't due until the repair is complete, even if it takes several return visits. If you decide it's not worth repairing after the initial appraisal, we expect payment at that time. We happily accept personal checks.